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Ascona Foods Group is a leading manufacturer of quality food ingredients in the Canadian food industry. We specialize in the research, development and manufacture of custom food ingredients systems for commercial food producers. Using quality ingredients sourced globally, we offer a variety of functional ingredients, products, and techniques that impact product performance. Whether you are looking for spices, hydrocolloids, flavours, or a brand new product to bring into the market, Ascona will provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Ascona is focused on providing innovative product development. We design functional ingredient systems using techniques and technologies that inspire leading edge products. Our products can be used to develop texture, enhance flavour, colour and appearance, and even improve product stability and shelf life. We are known for our innovative solutions and take pride in developing new products in an ever changing market. At Ascona, we are committed to safe food practices. We believe in sourcing quality ingredients and investing care in every step of processing. Our dedication ensures the safest product is made available to our clients. Our facilities are subject to high standards of food manufacturing operations but our commitment extends beyond just our facilities. All raw materials sourced by Ascona are subject to a rigorous Supplier Approval Program. By employing numerous quality check points, we guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and safest available.
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