About Us

Innovation, quality, service

Established in 1994, Ascona Foods Group is a leading supplier of specialty food ingredients to the Canadian food manufacturing industry. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Ascona delivers high quality, inventive products to meet the needs of our customers.

With roots in ingredient manufacturing and product development, we produce quality ingredients and food additives. Our products are aimed to improve the quality and enhance the function and flavour capacities of our customers’ products. Our business focuses on providing high quality ingredients at a competitive price through exceptional service. Our team of biochemists, food scientists, and meat specialists afford Ascona significant research and development capabilities. Ascona drives industry operations by owning several existing patents and trademarks that define industry standards. Our facilities include three production sites, multiple development laboratories and a fully equipped pilot plant.

With a focus on client relations, Ascona’s leading edge is grounded in our commitment to our customers. Our dedication to understanding client specific needs, combined with our technical approach to product development, successfully provides our customers the highest level of service they deserve. Drawing on valued experience and utilizing proven European technology, our unique formulations give our clients a competitive advantage.

Ascona is committed to and driven by our customers, suppliers and employees. Together they have made Ascona one of Canada’s leading suppliers of specialty food ingredients.