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Ascona’s seasoning blends are made to client order. We design customized formulations for new products, and flavour match to existing formulations. Whether drawing on traditional flavours or creating new and exotic combinations, our seasoning specialists deliver high quality spice for varied food applications. All of our custom blends are made available in a variety of customized packing solutions. Our products are made available in a range of bag sizes, weights, pails, totes, drums, jars, bottles, and more. We also offer labelling solutions for all packaging styles and sizes. Ascona’s batter and breading process is designed to impact product function, flavour, texture and appearance. Our formulations are tailored to cooking methods that include deep fry, pan fry and baking. Our products service a variety of industries that includes retail, food service and corporate applications. All of Ascona’s blends are made available in a range of flavours. We can even formulate our products to include many nutritional food benefits such as high fibre, low sodium and allergen free. Ascona’s functional ingredients and ingredient systems positively impact product yields, modify textures, and increase shelf-life. Utilizing scientifically proven ingredients and additives, our systems can effectively enhance product stability. This, in turn, allows for an increase in a product’s shelf life and reduction of waste and product spoilage. Our systems can reduce the risk of food safety concerns such as Listeria and other food-borne pathogens. Ascona’s functional ingredient systems are available in a variety of forms and can be applied to a range of products including meats, poultry and fish. Our team of technologists have developed edible films and casings that are comprised of plant based ingredients. These products are 100% vegetarian, biodegradable, and can be fortified with a variety of flavours, nutrients and functional properties. Utilizing state of the art print technology, our films possess the capacity to showcase text, brand names, logos, pictures and colours directly on a product’s surface. They are safe for ingestion and can be used in an array of commercial applications including confectionary, baked goods, edible breath strips, sausage casings and more!

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Printed logos create marketing opportunities

Reduce risk of cross contamination with Kosher and Halal Certified casings


Printed icing film makes decorating easy

Flavour and nutrient fortified breath strips dissolve on contact

   Breath Strips - Dissolves on Contact

Grill marks enhance final product appearance

Spice films contribute to uniform spice distribution

 Grill Marks - Enhance Product Appearance